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Our Approach to Dental Care in Jacksonville, FL

Make life simpler for your family by turning to Top Dental for comprehensive dental care. For more than 25 years, our clinic has supplied local residents with a variety of dental services for their entire families. Whether you’re seeking care for an infant, a senior, or someone in-between, you can rest assured you’ll find the quality dental care in Jacksonville, FL, you need at our offices.

To find out exactly what we can do for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. It’s free, and it’s a great way to meet our staff, tour our clinic, and learn the basics of what we offer. Be sure to ask about current new patient specials–most of the time, you can save on your family’s first exam and cleanings. Family care plans are also available.

Family Dental Care

As established dentists, we understand the challenges families face when it comes to scheduling essential health services. This is especially true for households with children, since kids need more frequent checkups and cleanings. That’s why our dental clinic offers a full suite of services under one roof. Enjoy the convenience of finding all the care options you need in one location.

It’s easier to ensure everyone’s smiles stay healthy and beautiful when you trust Top Dental with your family’s oral health. Over the years, we’ve expanded our clinic to offer local residents a wider variety of care, including preventative, restorative, cosmetic, and even orthodontic. Here are just a few of the ways we approach clients of different ages when they visit our offices:

Infants: When your baby’s first tooth appears, it’s time for their first visit to the dentist. Even infants need dental care, so if you’re unsure where to begin, rest easy knowing you can depend on our staff for guidance. We recommend introducing a soft-bristled toothbrush at this stage to get your child used to brushing.

Children: When your kids get a little older, they become more prone to cavities, since children naturally prefer sweeter foods. This is the time to start teaching them the importance of good oral hygiene. Regular cleanings at our office can help cut down on plaque and periodontal disease.

Teenagers: At this stage of life, many older children require correction in the form of braces and wisdom tooth removal surgery. Additionally, teenagers become more self-conscious of their appearances. Top Dental offers clear braces and whitening services to help your kids feel more confident about their smiles.

Adults: Adult dental care varies greatly from patient to patient. At this stage, many people are simply maintaining their smiles, while others are looking for restorative services for childhood complications. Either way, we’ll work with you to develop a course of action that meets your personal needs.

Seniors: Later in life, many people experience unique dental challenges, so it helps to have a team of experienced dentists on your side. From prosthetics to proper care, we’re here to help you navigate a range of oral health concerns for years to come.

Top Dental cares for your family’s dental health throughout every stage of life. From infancy to your golden years, our friendly team is here to offer their support, as well as a high-quality patient experience. Reach out today to find out more about our affordable dental care plans for families.

Be sure to ask about financing when you visit our clinic. We know that paying for health care can be challenging, especially when kids are involved–that’s why we’re always looking for ways to help you save on the services you need.

Contact us to learn more about the different kinds of family dental care we offer. We proudly serve residents of Jacksonville, Florida, and nearby areas.