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The Team to Trust for Dental Surgery in Jacksonville, FL

Surgery can be a scary word. Any time you undergo a surgical procedure — no matter how minor or major — you need to know you’re in safe hands. MEDPARK delivers the peace of mind and exceptional treatment you deserve. Our clinic has one of the most experienced teams for dental surgery in Jacksonville, FL, with countless procedures completed successfully since opening.

Whether you visit us for a straightforward tooth extraction or a more complex treatment, you can rest assured that you’ll be treated right. We take our patients’ comfort seriously and pay careful attention to detail from start to finish. Learn more about our experienced staff by contacting our office today.

When Surgery Is Necessary

Usually, the goal of dental care is to help patients keep their natural teeth and avoid any invasive procedures. However, sometimes surgery is the best option available to resolve an ongoing issue or fix a sudden problem. Fortunately, modern medical advancements have made oral surgery safer and simpler than ever, with shorter recovery times.

Most people who visit an oral surgeon are there to have a tooth or multiple teeth extracted — most often the back molars or “wisdom teeth.” It’s relatively common for wisdom teeth to be impacted, leading to pain and tooth misalignment over time. Likewise, due to their position in the far back, they are more likely to suffer from tooth decay. In both of these cases, extraction is typically the simplest and most effective solution.

However, dental surgery can also be used to address several other concerns. Dental implants are a common reason for undergoing oral surgery — the doctor replaces a missing tooth with a natural-looking prosthesis that is attached to the jaw. Likewise, some patients undergo surgery to resolve jaw-joint issues, overbites, underbites, or sleep issues related to breathing. Find out if surgery is the right solution for your concerns by talking with our expert.

Request a Consultation with Our Surgeon

The first step to any oral surgery is a consultation. During your appointment with us, our oral surgeon will examine you to determine whether invasive medical intervention is necessary for your health goals — and if so, which specific treatment will be most effective.

We’ll let you know about any special steps you need to take before your surgery date. If necessary, we’ll discuss your sedation options with you and help you determine which you’d prefer. Likewise, we’ll answer any questions you may have about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Our goal is to prepare you for your appointment as much as possible so you can relax during the procedure and recover well afterward.

Safe Sedation for All Patients

Often, it’s not the dental surgery patients are most worried about — it’s being put under. Fortunately, there are a number of different sedation options to suit the needs of each patient. The following are some of the sedation styles that may be used for oral surgery:

Inhaled Minimal Sedation: Also known as “laughing gas,” the patient breathes in nitrous oxide to relax. This is the only option that allows the patient to drive home on their own afterward.

Oral Sedation: Depending on the dose, oral sedation’s effect can range from mild to moderate. The pill is typically taken an hour before the procedure. Some patients may fall asleep, but typically they remain conscious.

IV Moderate Sedation: This sedation method is delivered through the vein for rapid effect. The oral surgeon will be able to continuously adjust the dosage as needed.

General Anesthesia: As the deepest sedation level available, general anesthesia is ideal for those who do not want to be conscious during their procedure. However, it also takes the longest to wear off (unless reversed by medication.)

Contact us to schedule an appointment and find out if you’re a candidate for dental surgery. We’re located in Jacksonville, Florida, and proudly serve patients throughout the surrounding area.